Dekado Coin Plan Review, Earn upto 42% Monthly.

  1. Dekado, is a community driven and self-regulated financial ecosystem created to provide various investment opportunities and empower everyone by educating them about the world of crypto currencies. Its unique design makes Dekado an all in one crypto community platform which can enable anyone looking to achieve true financial freedom in today’s unsure financial environment.

What are the factors that decide the Dekado coin price and influence the Dekado ecosystem?

As Dekado is a decentralized crypto currency, its price is determined by:
1. Supply and Demand coupled with its community network.

2. Technology behind the generation algorithm of Dekado.

3. Terming feature of Dekado platform.

4. Staking feature of the coin (POS).

All the factors mentioned above will together drive the Dekado price and will generate value for its community in the coming future. The information below details how these features in the Dekado platform make it a very rewarding and beneficial coin.

Demand and Supply
One of the key factors that influences the Dekado coin ecosystem and the price is demand and supply. Wealth creation in the Dekado ecosystem will be governed by this model of demand and supply, it will also lead us to price discovery by bridging the gap between buyer demand and supply from sellers.

How does the Dekado financial ecosystem self-regulate?
The 3 main factors that ensure self-regulation of the Dekado ecosystem are –
1. Coin Supply – New coin supply to the Dekado ecosystem
DKD mining – DKD mining will generate new coins and will be a part of the coin supply chain. Even individuals can join in the mining process.
DKD minting will continue till all of the 45 million coins are generated. Minting new coins will be rewarded as mentioned below.

Dekado investment opportunities

1. Invest in DKD Coin Supply channel to mint new coins. The earnings vary according to DKD mining difficulties.
2. Invest in Coin demand channel by DKD Terming or DKD staking. The earnings are variable with steady return with capital security.

3. Invest in Coin distribution channel by trading DKD on exchange platform. The earnings are high with associated risk.

4. Invest in cloud mining by buying a cloud mining contract. Earn real mining rewards without worrying about equipment and resources management or downtime.

5. Use your crypto assets to earn by committing them to the Dekado Fixed Deposit schemes and getting a handsome return paid.

How and why will the DKD price and the Dekado ecosystem show a positive or and upward movement?
The DKD ecosystem is backed by its strong community and hence has a really strong demand channel, the coin supply channel is fixed and steady, as new members join the community and enter the Dekado ecosystem the demand channel will take over the supply with new members terming or staking their DKD.
To explain briefly, the design of the system compels it to self-regulate it in a manner that creates wealth and will generate value for all its community members in the coming future.

Dekado – Referral Commission :

There are 10 levels in the referral program. The commission is paid every time a new user is added through your referral link. The percentage of commission will depend on the level that the affiliate is added to. The levels and the pay outs are as below:

At the first level, an affiliate is placed and then the series continues. At every next level, the number of recruits increase by 1. At level 2, the number of affiliate is 2, at level 3, the number of recruits is 3 and so on.

The terms of referral program mention that the commission will only be ongoing until the link stays alive in the network. It also states that Dekado has all the rights to disable the referral program or any of the links, at any given time. This is a big red flag and you won’t be able to fight for your rights later on. It keeps the ball in its court by having the privilege to change the rate of commission at any time.

These all makes it a dangerous option for investment.

Dekado – Joining Fees

The minimum amount to join Dekado is $100. You can go upto $100,000. The fees can only be paid through the bitcoins and etherum which is very hard to get refund if need be.

Dekado – Terming ROI

  • Stage 1 – You need to invest $100 to $1000 to earn upto 42% of DBS (Dekado Buoyancy Software) earning monthly. Capital will be returned after 249 days.
  • Stage 2 – You need to invest $1010 to $5000 to earn upto 42% of DBS (Dekado Buoyancy Software) earning monthly and 0.11% fixed daily ROI. Capital will be returned after 204 days.
  • Stage 3 – You need to invest $5010 to $10,000 to earn upto 42% of DBS (Dekado Buoyancy Software) earning monthly and 0.21% fixed daily ROI. Capital will be returned after 159 days.
  • Stage 4 – You need to invest $10,010 to $100,000 to earn upto 42% of DBS (Dekado Buoyancy Software) earning monthly and 0.26% fixed daily ROI. Capital will be returned after 114 days.

You need to have Dekado account and cryptocurrency in your account to start with these programs. Dekado is similar to Bitcoin, but there is no proof of block chain. The decado coins can only be purchased through BitCoin and that is a big red flag.

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  1. What is dbs and how will it be credited in ones account . 42% monthly means say for 1000 dekado coins i will get 420 coins monthly in my account ,is it like that . will daily interest be credited in account daily.Please clear these doubts.

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