What is BFX COIN?

BFX is an interconnected set of supporting products and services dedicated to bringing you the very best out of modern times.
BFX is an establishment dedicated to chartering the course of discovering, sharing, and transacting globally.
BFX is a strong network creating sustainable and valuable partnership program across the globe.
Using our platforms, new customers can use BFX to manage their relationship cutting across finances and related matters across the globe.
BFX provides an integrated platform establishing consistent processes across functional business units, and utilizing operational and business applications across multiple mediums.
BFX platform accepts different cryptocurrencies in our quest of providing flexible convertibility of desirable cryptocurrencies across the platform.

How BFX COIN different from other Coin?

BFX Coin are accepted, both online & offline.
Only the exact amount that you spend with your BFX Coin will be incrementally exchanged from BTC in real-time when you use your BFX coin stored in your wallet to which only you have access.
We are more than coin providers, we also offer consultancy services to other businesses working in the sector, thereby driving forward blockchain adoption and forging key partnerships where opportunities are presented.
We are the only cryptocurrency provider who is no longer comfortable with 0.05% of the world’s population that are still aware of the importance of Cryoptocurrency, we intend for the first time to make it our responsibility to make the remaining 99.95% of the world our priority


The BFX Coin is the new digital currency with the sailing vision of becoming the almost attainable big cryptocurrency globally.
Our coin is a fully decentralised peer-to-peer global payment scheme, which we have married into creating a networking platform needed for an healthy cryptocurrency environment.
Using the second to none private blockchain technology, we guarantee nothing but complete anonymity in all transactions.
Using the POW/POS technology BFX EB3 Coin is committed and determined to becoming the essential currency for the lovers unhampered privacy, unlimited security and a very reliable transactions.


BFX platform have the capacity to conduct different transactions per second, transfer funds from different regions and also register all funds generated for various projects all for you.

01 BFX offers a more profitable reward baselines that compensates and reward investment in a more juicy format.

02 Your transaction using BFX coins attracts no administrative cost, making it more cheaper to transacts.

03 BFX coins allows the options to exchange and transact in other coins so as to convert it into fiat currency.

04 The essential pseudonymous attribute of cryptocurrency is retainedBFin order to maximize the effect of your identity not to be linked to your private person even though your transactions details might be stored.


STARTER 100$ 10% 15 100$
LEARNER 500$ 10% 15 200$
ROOKIE 1000$ 11% 14 300$
MINER 2500$ 11% 14 500$
L1 MINER 5000$ 12% 13 1000$
L2 MINER 10000$ 13% 12 2000$
MASTER MINER 20000$ 14% 11 3000$
MINER PRO 30000$ 15% 10 4000$


1 5
2 3
3 1
4 TO 5 1
6 TO 20 0.5
21 TO 50 0.2

How to Join with BFX COIN or Register with :

After seeing a huge profit from the BFX COIN and if you want to Join BFX COIN and make money then follow the below steps and start earning from BFX COIN.

  1. Click the below link for Registration
  2. Fill your Details like Full Name , Email Id & Password.
  3. Registration Complete.
  4. Verify your Email to activate your User I’d.
  5. After Creating your Account your can start your earning by selecting any Packages.

Pay in Below Bank for I’d Activation :

1. Name : BFM Pictures LLP

    Bank : IDFC Bank Limited

    Account No. : 10002574048

   Type : Current

    Ifsc : IDBI0020151

   Address : Sector 18, Noida

2. Name : Bluefoxmotion Pictures Private Limited

    Bank : IDFC Bank Limited

    Account : 10000490737

    Type : Current

    IFSC : IDFB0020151

    Address : Sector 18, Noida

If you have any Query/Information regarding BFX COIN, then mention below in comments or Call/Whatsupp : +91 9549464439 Mr. Pawan (Delhi).






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