ATC Coin Crypto Review : Earn Crores of Rupees in 1-2 Years Doing Nothing

ATC Coin is a new Crypto Currency which was launched in April 2017 globally.

The launching price of ATC Coin was just Rs.1, and currently it is around Rs.10.50 per coin within just 4-5 months, & the company assumed to take the price of the currency at Rs.500 in just 2-3 years.

As several people are willing to earn money with Bitcoins but not everyone could afford to buy 2 Lakh instantly but here is an opportunity to invest in ATC Coin to get the highest benefit in future.

Minimum Investment: Rs.5000

Refer id: millionaire 

Referral Link: 

Call/WhatsApp: +91 828384742 

How ATC Coin Works?

ATC Coin wallets keep a secret piece of data called a private key, which is used to sign transactions, pursue a mathematical proof that they have come from the buyer of the wallet.

Almost no processing fees.
Transactions transact directly with each other without Bank or any third party.
Send and receive ATC Coin.
No bank or Government Control – Which means no identity revelation & no freezing account.
Very difficult to hack (Hacking 10 minutes cost around half billion USD)
How will ATC Coin Price increase?

There are a limited number of ATC Coins in the market.
When people purchase it, then value of Coin will increase
When you refer the coin to other people, then further coin will be accepted by the people
So, the price of the Coin will rise more
When people use the coin to purchase things, then the price will increase more.
So when the number of coins that come into the market, the price of the coin will increase.

In ATC Coin, you will have a Business Opportunity in the Crypto-Currency World of simple Refer and Earn Program.

Suppose when you refer/sponsor someone to purchase an ATC Coin, & the referral process continues you will earn as up to 100 Levels Deep.


There are Four types of Incomes in System: –

1- Direct Income

If you Directly Join Any Person through your Refer Link, then you will get 10% commission of their Purchased Amount as Direct Level Income.

Example: If your refer/sponsored person purchased ATC Coin of Rs.5,000/- then you will get Rs.500 (10%) as Direct Level Income

2- Level Income

Opportunity to earn Level Income up to 100 level.
Level income will distribute against deposit amount.
Daily Closing.
1            10%
2-3         3%
3            One time Sales Income (Level Income)
4-8          2%
9-12        1.50%
13-15      1%
16-25       0.20%
26-50       0.10%
51-100     0.05%

3) Direct Growth Income ROI (10%)

You will get 10% of purchased ATC Coin monthly.
It will credit after 30 days of Deposit.
It will be a credit until 18 months & will show on I wallet.
Example: If you purchased 1000 ATC Coin then you will get 100 ATC Coin every-month until 18 months.

4) Growth Level Income:

Suppose members direct growth income (of their investment) is 10% of 5000 (Rs.500). Now Growth Level Income will spread against Direct Growth Income means 500 will spread up to 100 levels below.

1             5%
2-3          4%
3              3%
4              2%
5-15        1%
16-25      0.20%
26-50      0.10%
51-100    0.05%

How to Buy ATC Coin Plan?

You can buy ATC Coins by below simple steps: –

1. Pay the amount through NEFT or IMPS (Minimum Rs.5000)

Account No- 916020028034971
IFSC Code- UTIB0000219

2. Go to
3. Click on Register as a New User |

4. Enter Sponsor ID: millionaire, Any User name, Name, E-Mail ID, Mobile Number, State, City, Password, Tick on Accept Terms & Conditions & Click on Register.

5. Now, Login through your user name and password.

6. Click on I-Wallet > then Top-up Request, then Fill Details & Click on Submit.

7. Then Enter all payment details like Name, Your ID, Transaction Number, etc.

8. Done!

If you have any query, Do Call or Whatsapp on 9376155555.

ATCC Coin Founder / Promoter: –

ATC Coin is being assisted by Sh. Subhash Jewria.

He started his primary business of LPG Cylinder Bottling Plant in 1993
In 1999, He Started Selling first Private Insurance Division in MLM
In 2004, he tied-up with the online entrance of IRCTC as the first agent contributing cash cards & online ticketing services new venture as “One Stop Shop.”
Being a great marketer, he has traveled 22 countries for different meetings.
Much more like Venture, Done Card (Cash Card), My Life Bazaar, My Seva, etc.

ATC Coin has some potential to grow, but you should be conscious and keep in mind that Crypto-Currencies are very unpredictable & the price could go Up/Down within a few minute (not any price guaranteed). It depends on the market.

The company insists that these coins are an investment & that the value will increase over time.

Never spend more money just in the greed to earning more money.

NOTE: We ( does not hold the responsibility for the possible loss of money. Do at your own Risk.

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If you have any question regarding atc coin, COMMENT BELOW or CALL on +91 82005 90638

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